Online Classes

Below Online Classes are delivered through Zoom application. For zoom link, please contact us at or whatsapp +62817887334.

Click here to download Zoom.

During this challenging period, all the above online classes are offered on a “Pay as You Wish” base, which will fully be passed on to our teachers.

We understand that the changes in circumstances affect everyone differently in unprecedented ways. With online classes, we hope Yoga Practice remains as accessible as it can be, and with Pay as You Wish, we hope Yoga Practice remains as affordable as it can be, to Everyone.

We would be very grateful for any amount that you decide, and we are sure the teachers would be too. It would help them to make ends meet, continue their practice and expand their teachings.

While Pay as You Wish is not the same as Free, please do not hesitate to contact us for Free access if you need it. Let not allow money to stand between you and the practice.