Merge With The Cosmos


Merge with the cosmos is a meditation practice where we travel beyond physical, simple yoga practices concentrating on breathing exercises and relaxation poses to help you to relax and shift from the physical and cultivate your intuition and 6th senses. Few asanas to open up  the heart and calm the mind will also be incorporated. We will learn to create a safe space around us so we can be held in a sacred space by our spirit helpers to enable us to heal securely, then followed by a shamanic style meditation where you learn to see beyond your physical limitations

Workshop Details

This workshop is for those searching for answers from within, who need to learn how to power up their inner energies along with the fun ‘stuff’ for those who appreciate a sense of humor along with profound teachings. We will work in a sacred and nurturing space where we will learn to upgrade ourselves and  be prepared for the next awakening.


An open heart and curiosity to ‘see and experience’ a new kind of ‘world’.

Schedule and Fee

DateSunday, 5 August 2018 1-5pm
AdmissionIDR 450.000


Avi Basuki

Avi has been practicing yoga since 2001, evolving through several ashtanga & kundalini yoga masters. Her daily practice at the moment involves hatha yoga and shamanic practices of which she is most connected with. She’s training with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and is passionate to share her knowledge and healing methods. She teaches yoga at Nataraja and children’s yoga at Sunrise school Bali. You can also find her at full moon kirtans in Nataraja Bali with her beloved shaman drums invoking the animal spirits and singing devotional songs.


For more info, please contact +6281510109046