Yudhi Widdyantoro

Getting to know yoga from Prof. G.D Sharma from Jawaharal Nehru Indian Cultural Center in the early 1990, Yudhi then continued his study with various teachers, among others: Olop Arpipi, Judith Adank, Geete and Prasant Iyengar from Iyengar Yoga tradition. Not only trained in Iyengar Yoga, he was also certified for 200 hour Teacher Training with IYA Ashtanga Yoga from Yoga Arts, Byron Bay, Australia in 2002.

Apart from the 2 major yoga traditions, Yudhi also did trainings with Paul Grilley and Victor Chng in Yin Yoga – yoga that is closer to cultivation of the mind. Complementary to this, he often attended vipassana meditation retreat in Mendut Buddhist Monastery.

With his yoga, Yudhi often collaborated with other disciplines, such as international performing arts to be presented in world class event such as Borobudur Writers and Cultural Festival (BWCF).

Siska Marsudhy

Siska is a long-time practitioner of meditation prior to studying Hatha Yoga. Her two decades of meditation exposures vary from Samatha Meditation, Chan (Zen) to Vipassana. Siska mainly trained in Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga, embracing the complementary practices of Yoga tradition and meditation practices into one holistic approach to life. She certified in Yin Yoga from Sebastian Pucelle, Classic Hatha Yoga from Yogi Charu, and Yoga Nidra from Jane Mackarness.

Currently co-owner of Kalyana Yoga Studio, body-mind awareness for healing and well-being is the core of her sessions. Bringing together these experiences with her nearly two decades of corporate life, she also co-founded Senantiasa Berada, a mindfulness based program for individuals in organization context.

In her free time, Siska enjoys doing nothing, reading, and she is passionate about Traditional Chinese Medicine, Neuroscience, homeopathy and art. She is also certified for Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.

Sara Devina

Sara began her yoga practice in 2016. Initially to pursue her healthy sustainable lifestyle, she saw yoga as a way to build strength and stretch, also quieting mind. But along the way, she found out that yoga is all about making peace with our body and mind. Sara is greatly inspired by how Yoga has transformed herself. She is now seeing yoga as a way to find peace and happiness between her body and mind. During her teaching, she continuously reminds her student to have a mindful movement, and to respect their own body limitations in order to maintain a harmless sustainable practice. She firmly believes that practicing yoga should bring joy and happiness into your life.

Sara’s formal training was with Dini Maharani (RYT 200hr, Yoga Alliance Certified) in 2019. She also completed Kids Yoga Training PI-1 from Tina Maladi (Yoga Ed.) in 2020.

Traditional Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power Yoga, and Yin is Sara’s main practice. Her curiosity for meditation took her to learn mindful way of life from Plum Village, and took 10 days meditation practice from Vipassana.

Ade Fitri

Ade is a self-lover, daydreamer, stargazer, vacation and food enthusiast, as well as a dog’s person. She grew up without really understanding her physical body. Until she found yoga. With Yoga, Ade also learned how to accept her body and understand herself, on and off the mat.

She took her teacher training on 2014 with Yoga Mix, then completed 200 and 500 hours teacher training with Denise Payne.

Through asana practice, Ade grew stronger as a person, and it changes the whole perspectives about herself and how she see things in life. Yoga saves her life, over and over again, and she would like to share this feeling with as many people as possible. She loves to see people got surprise by their own body, and she wants to be there and let them know, with practice and commitment, everything is possible, wishing to touch your heart, somehow, on a magical and long journey.

Lucy Djuhari

Veteran of 18+ years banker and retired from corporate life in 2016 to pursue her dream to become a yoga teacher . But destiny took her to a different path when she visited Chiang Mai, Thailand. In over two years, not only has she fulfilled her dream to become a Yoga – Ayurveda instructor, as her interest grew to holistic healing, she learned many healing modalities from ancient therapy.

Finally she found her passion in Chinese medicines and the power of balancing Yin and Yang. Qigong is one of the exercise/ tool to make her feel grounded, balanced, stronger and healthy .

She has been practicing Qigong since she learned the beauty of dynamic qigong from Master Tevia Feng , Master Mantak Chia . She is a certified Instructor of Universal Healing Tao and White Tiger Qigong. Her teaching involves a gentle , rhythmic movements , mirroring movements found in nature.