Yin Yoga & Meridian Location, Movement and Poses

In this weekend workshop, we will share with you a methodology to identify the location of the meridians by elements. We will associate the muscle group relation to the meridian, combining the movement relating to the group muscle, and finally, the Yin Yoga poses stimulating the group muscle.

This is a logical and easy way to establish a relation between the mechanic and the energetic of the body.

Sessions Details

24 October 202024 October 2020
2.00 – 3.30pm
Yin Yoga Practice
Water Element :
Kidney / Bladder
Wood Element :
Live / Gallbladder
Earth Element :
Spleen / Stomach
Fire/Metal Element :
Heart / Lungs
3.30 – 3.40pmScreen breakScreen break
3.40 – 5.00pm
Theory / Q&A
Association of group muscle and poses for
Water and Wood Elements
Association of group muscle
and poses for Earth and Fire/Metal elements

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