Yoga Nidra Facilitator Training Course

Yoga Nidra, the art of conscious sleeping, is one of the many wonderful ways of getting deep within ourselves. The practice allows for deeper relaxation, and thus opens up possibilities for healing, both for ourselves and others.

In this training course, we will learn:
– Philosophy of Yoga Nidra
– Yoga Nidra history and traditions
– Yoga Nidra classic and contemporary approaches
– Science related to Yoga Nidra
– Yoga Nidra and other Yoga practices
– Developing personal Yoga Nidra practice
– Facilitating Yoga Nidra practice

The training will be delivered online with zoom platform. This training equips you to facilitate Yoga Nidra session to others, including closest people such as family and closed friends who need more relaxation.

About Siska

Siska is one of our home teacher. More about her can be found here.


IDR 2,900,000/person
IDR 2,300,000/person for Early Bird before July 7, 2022

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